(My first ever) Top 10 list

October 13, 2011

In no particular order here are 10 of my favorite moments from my recent trip to L.A.

1. The first radio station I tuned into was Spanglish and played some of my favorite songs. This embodied the cultural richness L.A. basks in. People, music, art, language, food and dance from all over the world is beautiful.

2. Salsa dancing every night. Even though I ended up with a bloody toe and a few bruises, the dancers in L.A. stole a little bit of my heart.

3. All the Priuses (easy on the earth)

4. All the Porsches (easy on the eyes)

5. Being surrounded by skinny women everywhere actually made me realize how much I love my curves

6. Becoming super excited after seeing In & Out. Then remembering I became a vegetarian a few months ago and immediately becoming super sad I couldn’t eat one of their burgers.

7. Palm trees. I’ve always liked really tall things.

8. Seeing Ikea from the freeway. Then 15 minutes later seeing a second Ikea. Then realizing it was the same store. I was driving around in circles. On a side note, every time I went somewhere I ended up making at least one U-Turn. I was born with no sense of direction.

9. Gently holding Granny’s old hands as we remembered beautiful old memories and created new ones

10. One night I headed out to dance and my dad told me, “Sarah, you look pretty. Don’t let any of the guys…” I knew this was his special way of saying, “I love you.”


There are a lot of men in Denver. A few of these guys ask me out on a date. And to some of them I say yes.

Normally first date conversations include safe topics.

Question: What’s kind of music do you enjoy? Answer: Anything except hard rock and jazz. // Question: What’s your favorite color? Answer: Green. // Question: Are you a cat or a dog person? Answer: No question about it – dog.

You get the point. Nothing shocking, scandalous or surprising.

A few days ago I went on a date which rocked my world. We were just sitting down talking about the weather and somehow, one thing led to another, and I learned he was undocumented.

Immediately thoughts began racing through my mind.

  • I wish we could get our act together and get some type of immigration reform. Our system seriously sucks.
  • I hate that our immigration policies are forcing people to hide in fear and not allowing them to be fully engaged members of their communities.
  • It makes me sick to think he cannot visit his family in Mexico freely because crossing the border is so dangerous.

A question struck me which I had never been faced with before.

Should I date an undocumented immigrant?

I’m not asking because I am upset with them living in the US. Most immigrants are the exact people I want to be my neighbors. They are committed to their families, devoted hard workers and some of the most hospitable friends I have.

I’m wondering if I should date an undocumented immigrant because I’m afraid of falling in love and being faced with the cold reality we might be separated one day.

What if he gets deported? What if we have children and he is not able to live with our family in the US? Would I be willing to move to his country and take our kiddos?

My mind is left swirling in all these questions. They have filled my head and won’t leave. I still don’t have an answer.

What about you? Would you date an undocumented immigrant? For my married friends – if you found out your partner was undocumented before marrying them, would you have gone through with it?

Maybe one day all our prayers and hard work committed to justice will pay off and I won’t have to ask myself this question. But for now… sadly I do.

Second chance twice

September 19, 2011

Michael Scott.

You may have heard of him once or twice. One dreadful wintery day I hibernated inside a warm home complaining to myself about how much I hate the cold. To comfort myself I watched a couple (or maybe more. okay fine, a lot more) episodes of The Office. I heard a phrase I will hopefully never forget.

Michael said something which grabbed hold of my heart and won’t let it go. It’s simple. It’s profound. It’s true.

“Everyone deserves a second chance twice.” – Michael Scott

Think about it. Plenty of times I’ve completely screwed something up, confessed, begged for forgiveness and vowed never to let it happen again. And then turned around and failed miserably at the exact same thing.

I’m thankful for an undeserving grace given to me from a God whose mercies are new every morning. His faithful love never fails.