Why I think undocumented immigrants are The Beast

August 12, 2012

Recently I watched Beauty and the Beast.

Throughout the entire play I was singing along to all the songs. I’m sure those sitting around me were thankful for surround sound during the performance. Kill the Beast was only song I wasn’t familiar with.

In this scene the town villagers were riled up and full of fear after hearing rumors about the Beast. Hate quickly spread as people listened to stories about how terribly dangerous he was. Here is the dialogue leading up to the song.

Belle:  Show me the Beast!
Maurice: That’s him! That’s him!
Woman: Is it dangerous?
Belle: Oh, no. No, he’d never hurt anyone. I know he looks frightful, but he’s really very gentle and kind. He’s my friend.
Gaston: If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for this monster.
Belle: He’s no monster, Gaston.

So how did Belle know the Beast wasn’t a monster? She was his friend.

Yes, she was thrust into his daunting castle against her will, but she intentionally chose to enter into a friendship with The Beast. Belle opened herself to learning more about who he was, where he came from and in this process she was transformed. I resonate with the experience because I have a similar story. My life and heart were changed after meeting a very special man.

I once lived with an undocumented immigrant. He worked most days. And nights. And weekends. All to provide his children a better life. Sometimes I heard him on the phone with his kiddos in Mexico. It was humbling to hear the love in his voice carry over the phone line where his young son soaked up every word. One night he sang me the same song he sung to his children before coming to the US. His voice cracked and his eyes welled up with tears.

This man is a good man. He loves his family, he works hard, he has a beautiful heart. And the only way I know this is because I had the honor of spending time with him and becoming friends.

If there is an unknown person, a Beast, in your life, spend a little time with them. Laugh with them, share a meal, go for a walk, watch a movie, just sit and be together.

You might find out the Beast really isn’t a monster after all.


2 Responses to “Why I think undocumented immigrants are The Beast”

  1. Nadine Melania Says:

    Beautiful analogy- thought provoking. I will look at undocumented immigrants differently and make more of an effort to become a friend. Thank you, Sarah.

  2. Tricia Says:

    What an amazing heart you have. God is using you sweet girl for His work to immigrants and to inspire others to serve them. Love you!

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