I’m such a hypocrite

February 22, 2012

Last year I became a vegetarian… again. For a couple years in high school I didn’t eat meat. Then I started craving beef jerky. I gave into the temptation and within a few months I was eating meat every week. But recently I re-committed myself to not eating meat anymore. I really, really, really like animals and don’t want to kill them.


Here’s the hypocritical part. Anytime I see a spider I will absolutely, no questions asked, KILL IT.

I hate spiders. God, why did you create them? Seriously. They’re so gross.


8 Responses to “I’m such a hypocrite”

  1. Ethan Says:

    have you ever been around a cow? it is much grosser than a spider.

  2. Javito Says:

    They are not gross and some are actually mean-but-sophisticated looking ones. Don’t get me wrong, I am with you to the point of hating them and wanting to kill them, but I don’t. Unless I consider their sophisticated looking design an actual sign of caution and they are on my living premises (for survival purposes only, you know?). Otherwise, I’ll try to safely catch it without getting too close and free her in the open ::))

  3. Fabio Says:

    *singing* The itsy bitsy spider……is dead…….sarita killed it XD

  4. Nadine Melania Says:

    Snakes, mice and rats are what make my skin crawl!

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